Award Property Management
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Renting Information

Payment of Rent

At the handover appointment you would have paid 2 weeks rent in advance. Therefore your next rent payment will be due 1 week from this date to ensure you are in line with your tenancy agreement and always one week in advance with your rent.
Our preferred method of payment is for you to use electronic funds transfer (EFT) into our bank account. The other methods of rent payment are bank cheque/money order posted to PO Box 5491, Alexandra Hills Qld 4161

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections will be conducted every 3-6 months depending on the owner's instructions. You will be notified well in advance but you do not have to be home.

  • An entry notice will be issued with a time frame of a two hour period
  • If you are not home then I will be able to access the property with the office keys
  • If there is a dog, it must be restrained for this time period
  • Any maintenance must be reported on the form issued with the entry notice

During the tenancy...

Caring For The Property: You must keep it clean and undamaged. Do not use screws, nails or hooks on walls without prior written consent from us. We also ask that you notify us of issues as soon as you are aware of them.

Keys: If you lock yourself out during office hours you can borrow the office set provided you bring them back the same day. Costs may be incurred if the keys are not returned immediately. If you lock yourself out after hours you will have to contact a locksmith at your cost. Please do not contact our office after hours as it is not Award Property Managements responsibility.

Insurance: We strongly recommend you take out contents insurance as your belongings are not covered by the property owners insurance.

Our Photography Policy

Award Property Management tries to ensure that the privacy of our tenants is maintained while the property is being marketed for re-let or sale. Our photography policy is as follows:

  • In the event of a property being marketed for re-let or sale the tenant will be invited to attend while the property agent carries out their initial inspection;
  • The tenant will be invited to temporarily move any items they do not wish photographed.
  • The tenant's privacy is important to us and we will ensure that you are given adequate opportunity before any open homes or inspections to remove or secure any items you do not wish to be on display.
  • Where possible, the tenant's items will be excluded from the photographs. This will obviously be difficult in rooms such as lounge rooms etc. and we ask that the tenant remove any photographs prior to the estate agent attending.
  • This photography policy does not apply to photographs that are to be used for internal use only i.e. photographs by repairmen to show workmanship, routine inspections or photos to report damage/repairs to owners etc. 
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