Award Property Management
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Tenant Selection Process....

Having a stringent and thoroughly checked selection process for tenants is a must.

Each applicant is thoroughly screened by the following steps:

  • Identification - Each applicant must provide a photo ID (Drivers licence, Passport, Proof of Age Card)
  • Income Verification - Each applicant must provide at least one of the following (Pay Slips/Letter of Employment/Financial Year Statement from Accountant (If Self Employed), Centrelink Statement).
  • Each application will be searched on the National tenancy default database (T.I.C.A.) (under all names provided e.g. Maiden names)
  • Each applicant's rental history will be checked and rental history information provided to office will be thoroughly evaluated.
  • Each applicant's employment will be contacted to confirm security of income and position.
  • Finally all prospective tenants are approved or disapproved by you the owner of the investment property. You will always have the final say. If we wouldn't put them in our home, we will let you know so you can choose if you want to put them into yours.